Galaxy Roasting
Roasting coffee since 2002


Our coffee roasting experience began in 2001 when the decision was made to take control of the quality of coffee served at The Bagel Company. Over the years we have worked at creating consistency in our roasting process and our coffee profiles.

We began the journey by going to a week long training course put on by the Coffee Training Institute, instructed by Robert Hensley, in Burlingame, California. There we learned the importance of purchasing quality green coffee, proper roasting techniques, cupping coffee and many other intricacies of the coffee industry.

We then looked for an importer to work with that would have the same quality in mind as we do.  We found that in Atlas Coffee out of Seattle, Washington.

With all the pieces in place we began roasting and cupping coffee to create the coffee we wanted to serve our Bagel Company customers. We have been serving our own roasted coffee since 2002.

It is now 2011 and we are ready to take on a new venture in business, so we created a new roasting company called Galaxy Roasting. With Galaxy Roasting we plan to deliver our fresh roasted coffee to businesses around town to serve to their customers and employees. We also plan to help with non-profit fundraising through Galaxy coffee sales or we create a fresh roasted coffee the non-profit organization can sell and call their own.

These are the goals that we have set out for ourselves:

            Roast high quality coffee
            Be consistent in our roasting
            Be consistent in our service
            Be available when our customers need us
            Give the best pricing possible
            Give back consistently

Our goals are laid out to keep us on track for today and the future. We want the best for our customers and the organizations we will work with in the future. We are a family owned organization and hope to never lose our focus on God, family and our customers.


Coffee-Minded Community-Driven

If you have a non-profit organization that needs to raise money, contact us and we will do what ever we can to help.


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