Galaxy Roasting


About Us

Our Roasting Adventure

Galaxy Roasting is a family owned and operated business in East Helena, Montana. Service to our community, the satisfaction of our customers, and fully realizing the intricacies of coffee roasting are our fundamental passions.

Our coffee roasting adventure began in 2001 when we decided to take control of the character of the coffee being served at The Bagel Company, a beloved Helena community staple. We traveled all the way to San Francisco to study at the Coffee Training Institute; learning the importance of buying high quality, green coffee beans, using proper roasting techniques, and cupping coffee to ensure a unique flavor profile.

We’ve worked tirelessly to perfect the taste and consistency of our coffee beans, and after 20 years of roasting experience, we’re ready to distribute our product throughout the Galaxy!

We, at Galaxy Roasting, believe that coffee is community. That’s why we consistently contribute through our *Galaxy Give-back* fundraisers! We’re here for you, so let’s make a plan that best serves your organization.East

Our Beans Are…

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High Quality

After 20 years of coffee roasting experience, we understand the importance of purchasing high quality, green coffee beans to start the process.

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Carefully Crafted

We use proper roasting techniques and cup our coffee to ensure a unique flavor profile.

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Roasted Locally

Our beans are roasted locally in Helena, Montana and we ship them throughout the galaxy!

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We sell high quality coffee beans, roasted with consistency, and delivered to you at a value price.