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*Galaxy Give-Back*

At Galaxy Roasting, we believe that Coffee is Community. That’s why we support local non-profits, schools, and individuals alike through our *Galaxy Give-back* fundraisers!

How *Galaxy Give-Back* Works

*Galaxy Give-back* is similar to the door-to-door holiday fundraising by school students – but with the twist of local flavor! We’ll help you meet your organization’s goals through selling our freshly roasted, bagged coffee. *Galaxy Give-back* works best buy selling preorders of individual bags of coffee and/or coffee subscriptions for continuous profit for your cause.

For each 12 oz. bag of freshly roasted coffee sold to the customer, the fundraising individual or organization will receive 40% of the sale price! To help maximize your efforts, ask 10 friends to sell 10 or more bags of coffee or sell monthly coffee subscriptions!

We’ve partnered with the YWCA, Montana Non-Profit Association, Montana Veterans, Helena area public schools, individuals and families, and more! We’re here for you, so let’s make a plan that best serves your organization!

To participate, fill out the fundraising form below. Please include your reason for fundraising, your monetary goal, and a bit about the individual or organization. Then, we will contact you to help you get started raising money through *Galaxy Give-back*.